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What I'm proposing is detailed in writing...most of it has been for a couple hundred years.

Google me, and you'll see I've been a consistent advocate for constitutional rule of law under state and federal constitutions, as written and amended, as well as a proponent of peace, prosperity and security through individual liberty, free market economics, and the Golden Rule


And that makes me a lot different from the other guys.

Of course I'm all about cutting spending and debt.  But that really means taking away our politicians' unconstitutional powers to spend.

Of course I'm all-in for ALL your rights - not just selected amendments - ALL OF THEM, ALL THE TIME.  But that really means taking away our politicians' unconstitutional powers to take them away.

Here's a proposal to build Peace, Prosperity and Security through Freedom under constitutional rule of law:


Click on the links below to learn more about what I'm putting on the ballot.  And if you have any questions, please ask me!


I've got an eight-point plan that, I hope you'll agree, hits all the biggest problems:
1. Corruption!  (the "Powers That Be" and status quo candidates protect most of it, so YOU need to fix this one)
2. Fiat currency/ bad money
3. The "Military Industrial Complex" and the militarization and empire we were so often warned about.

But there're many more proposals detailed at this link.


My job would be to restore constitutional sound money and fiscal policy, find better ways to keep promises made to past generations that don't rob our kids, and stand down our global machine of fear, aggression, and catastrophic costs.
You shouldn't have to work for crony crooks.  You should keep what you earn, dang it.

Andy trusts YOU!

I trust YOU

I don't trust Politics

Let's stop being so afraid and mistrustful of our neighbors, and instead turn some healthy skepticism toward our huge, deceitful, secretive, violent, ungoverned government and its crony capitalists.  
Our government divides us against each other.


I trust you with more freedom; but I want our government on a leash.

Two Party System


You know this has to stop

I'm all about constitutional rule of law.  I'd like to talk libertarian ideology and free market economics.  I'd like to clean up our healthcare mess.
But nothing good will happen until we deal with the fact that our government has become a crime ring.
We MUST end the corruption of Main Street, K Street and Wall Street.

And that's something that really should unite the left, right and middle.


It's worse than you suspect.

Indiana's partisan and election/ ballot access rules are among the worst in the nation.  That would be only a state-government matter, if they didn't violate our federal constitutional rights as well.  But they do violate our federal rights, as do the corporate and campaign finance rules that grant extraordinary advantages as well as human rights to corporate abstractions, and thus compromise the rights of actual, living humans.   ...And not just in electoral politics.

I wrote this several years ago, and things have only gotten worse since 2017:

I'll need your help with this one!

But I also hope you'll support the candidacy of Jeff Maurer for Indiana Secretary of State.  We need to attack the problem of the self-appointed, unconstitutional, inherently divisive and obviously destructive "Two Party System" from both federal and state offices.

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